Males <25
Males 25-29
Males 30-34
Males 35-39
Males 40-44
Males 45-49
Males 50-54
Males 55-59
Males 60+

Females <25
Females 25-29
Females 30-34
Females 35-39
Females 40-44
Females 45-49
Females 50-54
Females 55-59
Females 60+

Click HERE for PT Score Charts

There IS a PFT calculator on the AFConnect App as well that has options for exemptions. I just like this as an option with the sliders to quickly calculate scores.

Disclaimer: This was all hand-coded, and may contain errors. Do not base your entire PT test off of this program. Rather, use it as a tool to gauge your PT needs.
Please report any bugs found to or open an issue on github HERE